Understanding COMB Services
COMB has been designed to open the doors of DeFi to anyone. We aim to do DeFi-as-a-Service. Instead of navigating blindly between protocols and different investment strategies, COMB will partake in strategies and optimizations built in-house to enable all of its holders with specialized investment strategies and regiment.
Our Services:
  • zCOMB: Earn revenue from the whole COMB Ecosystem and participate in protocol governance.
  • FTM Validator: Stake $FTM into our validator and earn 12% APR.
  • Farms: Participate in our specially selected blue chip farms and earn $COMB.
  • Vaults: Stake your LP and allow it to auto-compound every 30 minutes.
  • Real nodes: Utilize your nodes to the fullest by using their custom RPC endpoints.
  • Podz: An fNFT that uses zCOMB technology to reward you in BTC, FTM, ETH or AVAX.
  • Capsules: Upcoming
  • Metaverse: A social platform for the Fantom DeFi ecosystem. (In Progress)
  • Launchpad: Offer an on-chain launchpad for off-chain companies. (Upcoming)
All yields and rates are subject to change according to the network and our investments into protocols. Our aim is to target sustainable rates and positively impact both the world and DeFi.
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