Introduction to COMB

COMB Financial is a company that aims to create a suite of projects on top of the Fantom ecosystem.

Our four pillars are:

  • Sustaining the network
  • Onboarding investors
  • Creating a Metaverse
  • Establishing a social impact

Comb Financial is a multi-faceted DeFi service where users can take part in our wide range of DeFi services. What are we achieving / Building?

The objective is to boost the use of DeFi products and bridge the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain industry.

What is our value proposition? What are we trying to solve?

Too often, we diminish innovation to little more than technological advancement. This mindset imprisons innovation within traditional paradigms and disregards its foundations of imagination and creativity.
At COMB, we champion the creative and imaginative aspects of innovation. We strive to design a protocol that hovers on the boundaries of the unthinkable and continuously breaks the bounds of traditional products.
This ethos is the driving force behind our success and will continue to characterise our development as we expand into products that redefine social media, developer tools, and gaming.
As always, COMB will build our innovations upon the COMB protocol. Thus ensuring the community owns our creations and justly reaps their rewards.