Products / Revenue Streams


Users can stake their SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, and Beethoven-x LP tokens on our pools page and earn the protocol's native token, COMB, as a reward. LP tokens staked in our pools will are deployed to our strategy contracts and staked in our partner’s pools to generate yields, which are then redistributed to zCOMB holders through a Revenue-Sharing Vault.

Yield Optimizers

Users can also stake their LP tokens in our vaults, strategies that maximize the capital efficiency of incentives earn from LP tokens. By taking a smaller percentage of commission, we are able to provide higher APYs. Fees generated are directed towards team allocation and redistributed to zCOMB holders through our Revenue-Sharing Vault.

Fantom Validator Node

COMB Financial maintains a Fantom validator node (#93) with 500,000 FTM staked. Users can delegate additional FTM to Comb’s validator node by following the instructions at staked and delegated FTM generates rewards which are allocated to different investment, typically voted on by zCOMB holders at By extending the 1 year lock on staked FTM biweekly / fortnightly, COMB Financial is able to achieve and maintain a high APY.


COMB Financial has produced a limited number of hives which produce COMB at 4-hour intervals. Users can utilize a unique RPC-endpoint for access to the Fantom network, and will be able to enjoy further utility with future expansion. Hives are fNFTs and can be bought and sold on our marketplace.


Users can create Podz, which are essentially Generation 2 Nodes. Users can purchase Podz, which are fNFTs, from COMB Financial or from our Marketplace and enjoy rewards in tokens other than COMB. As of May 2022, Podz currently offer rewards in BTC, ETH, and FTM, and AVAX. Rewards for Podz users come from the revenue-sharing vault, which means that an increased number of Podz sold will have non-inflationary effects on the COMB token.


Users can create Capsules, which are a further upgrade over Podz. Users can purchase Capsules, which are fNFTs, from Comb Financial or from our Marketplace and enjoy rewards in COMB. Rewards for Capsules come from the revenue-sharing vault.

NFT Marketplace

Users can buy or sell Comb products on the Marketplace. Hives are no longer being produced and will only be available on the Marketplace. A 7.5% transaction fee is applied on all transfers.

Revenue-Sharing Vault (zCOMB)

zCOMB, Podz, and Capsules holders receive daily rewards from our Revenue-Sharing vault. Rewards are collected from multiple different revenue streams, namely the (1) Pools, (2) Yield Optimizers, (3) Fantom Validator Node, and (4) Marketplace. Future additional revenue streams include the (1) Metaverse, (2) P2E Game, (3) Bridge, and (4) Money Market. Currently, the rewards for zCOMB are COMB, BEETS, BOO, SPIRIT while the rewards for Podz are either AVAX, BTC, ETH, or FTM.

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