Over the duration of our node service we were able to fund a significantly large investment treasury. As we transition away from offering our nodes, we plan on investing that entire treasury into what we call zCOMB.

Over time, this treasury will be generating revenue through employing itself into different staking pools on popular dexes. This enables us to farm blue chips such as $SPIRIT, $BEETS, and $BOO. These farms will redistribute back to our zCOMB holders.

In order to get a piece of revenue from the treasury investments, its best that you own a node or stake your LPs into our farms. These two methods emit COMB that can be locked for zCOMB.

The protocol will also compound its own rewards. Taking a small percentage of rewards from node claims, we use that COMB to re-invest into zCOMB where a portion of the protocol owns zCOMB. The resulting rewards will be compounded into the treasury to have it grow over time.

Regarding the risks, the net of safety comes in the fact that these pools will only be for blue chips. Since blue chips have a proven track record and performance over time, we know that these investments will be able to withstand the test of time.

Finally, we will be creating bi-weekly investor reports to demonstrate the revenue generated by the entirety of the protocol. These will be detailed reports mapping out every service we provide.

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