Understanding Comb Financial Pool’s User Interface

Main Pool Page UI

After Clicking On The Above Container, the “Deposit” Tab Is Automatically Selected:

Zapping allows you to change FTM, BTC, ETH or USDC into the correct composition of pool tokens (in this example, 50% COMB and 50% FTM) and deposit the tokens into the Comb Financial Pools. There are no additional taxes or fees imposed on the zap feature by Comb Financial, and the gas expected will be higher than usual purchase transactions due to a higher number of simple transactions inbuilt within each complex “zap” transaction.

After Clicking On “Provide LP” for SpiritSwap Pools:

After Clicking On “Provide LP” for SpookySwap Pools:

After Clicking On “Provide LP” for Beethoven-X Pools:

Selecting the “Withdraw” Tab:

Selecting the “Harvest” Tab:

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