Product: Pools

Impetus for Pools

The NaaS concept proved useful for raising capital, but was unsustainable long term due to an extremely high emission rate of protocol tokens. In order to move towards a sustainable system of revenue generation and revenue sharing with investors, COMB Financial utilized treasury funds to fund the development and initial liquidity provision in multiple pools which leveraged on SpiritSwap, SpookySwap and Beethoven-X.

By rewarding users who staked their LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens in the Comb Financial pools with $COMB, users are able to enjoy significantly higher APRs than they would in the origin pools.

COMB Financial deposits the LP tokens directly into the origin pools in order to yield rewards in $SPIRIT, $BOO, and $BEETS. These rewards are directed towards zCOMB and Podz investors to allow for sustainable growth.

Pool Mechanism

A diagram of how pools aid in Comb Financial’s sustainability is shown below. COMB Financial Pools emit 225 $COMB per day as of May 2022 and contribute to slight inflation. This number is an estimation given that 86400 blocks are emitted per day.

How To ZAP Into Comb Financial's Pools (The Easy Way)

How To Add Liquidity From SpiritSwap To Comb Financial's Pools (The Hard Way)

How To Add Liquidity From SpookySwap To Comb Financial's Pools (The Hard Way)

Investor Suitability

These are most suitable for investors who prefer to hold other tokens and provide them as a liquidity pair while being rewarded in $COMB. This allows the investor to continue enjoying price appreciation in the aforementioned liquidity pair while gaining exposure to $COMB price action either for sale at market prices or to lock into zCOMB/ Podz/ Capsules for continuous revenue.

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