Product: Podz

The Impetus for Podz

The NaaS (Nodes-As-A-Service) boom between December 2021 and April 2022 showed a strong market appetite for product to deliver continuous yield. However, investors typically invested in the nodes not for it’s purpose as an RPC Endpoint, but as a way to accrue perpetual yield through the project’s node emissions. Some projects provided triple digit returns within a month, and many have since failed due to the liquidity pool being drained when early investors cash out for profits. A further deficiency of the typical node modality is that they are not tradable.

Comb Financial thus pivoted away from the NaaS model in early February 2022 in order to stabilise the price of $COMB and manage investor expectations.

1,500 Podz were first released in mid-April 2022 to check market sentiment, and they were sold out within 48 hours. Podz will be released in perpetual fashion moving forwards in order to fulfil the market appetite for tradable products which generate continuous yield.

Podz Mechanics

The original NaaS mechanics involved projects selling nodes, which would generate a continuous amount of their own token, allowing the investor to either compound them for more nodes, or sell them at market for a profit. See the below diagram for a schematic on the profit generation model of nodes, which is unsustainable:

Comb Financial’s Podz are akin to “Generation 2.0 Nodes”. The podz are fNFTs (Financial Non-Fungible Tokens), and emit rewards in tokens other than $COMB, thus relieving $COMB of a significant amount of selling pressure.

See the below diagram for a schematic on the profit generation model of Podz:

zCOMB gets it’s rewards from the entire Comb Financial Ecosystem, as depicted in the following diagram:

Claiming from a Podz

Podz rewards can be claimed either individually or multiple Podz at a time.

Feeding a Podz

Of note, Podz will require to be “fed” a small amount of $COMB periodically in order to maintain it’s rewards at a high level. This $COMB will be provided by the Podz itself simply by claiming the Podz rewards. After selecting “Claim”, the user would need to select “Feed” in order to increase the Podz APR to it’s full amount. If not fed, a Podz will gradually decrease it’s APR until it’s health is 0%, and will not decrease any further.

The Podz APR will decrease linearly over two years in line with zCOMB reward reductions:

Transferring a Pod

Podz can be transferred in the same way that Hives and Capsules can. You can execute the transfer from the following url:

Investor Suitability

Podz are suitable for investors keen to gain greater exposure to the Comb Ecosystem, and enjoy persistent rewards from Comb’s multiple revenue streams converted to BTC, ETH, FTM and AVAX.

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