Product: Hives/Nodes

Hive Modality

APRs for hives are approximately 86% of the original purchase price in $COMB for each hive.

There are no maintenance fees associated with keeping your Comb Financial Hives active.

Protocol Hive Considerations

Hives are expected to emit ~285 $COMB per day at a steady emission rate.

Hive Taxes

Taxes are imposed to fund development in line with the following rubric:

Current Hive Utility

The current Hives are useful for (1) generating $COMB, which can be cashed out to be sold, (2) allocated to a pool, (3) locked into zCOMB to generate rewards, and of course (4) use as a personal RPC End Point for connection to the Fantom Network.

Future Hive Utility

Hives will have further utility in the future with continuous developmental.


Hive migration began in May 2022 and transformed Comb Financial’s Hives into fNFTs (Financial Non-Fungible Tokens), allowing them to be traded. In order to complete your migration, simply go to and follow the two-click instructions to migrate your hive and mint it into an fNFT.

Hive Mechanism

A diagram of how hives work is shown below. Hives have an inflationary effect on $COMB and will produce until 1,000,000 $COMB tokens are minted. As of May 2022, there are <120,000 $COMB tokens in existence with the expected forward emission rate being ~510 $COMB per day, or 15,300 $COMB per month and 186,150 $COMB per year. Hives are thus currently expected to continue emitting $COMB until late 2026.

How To Buy A Hive

Hives are fNFTs (Financial Non-Fungible Tokens) which can currently only be purchased on the COMB Financial Marketplace.

Transferring a Hive

Hives should primarily be transacted via the COmB Financial Marketplace in order to ensure safety in transacting.

Hives can also be transferred in the same way that Capsules and Podz can. You can execute the transfer from this page.

Investor Suitability

COMB Financial Hives are suitable for investors who strongly believe in the future of COMB Financial and want to receive rewards in $COMB.

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