COMB Tax System and Fees

A protocol needs to have funds to pay for manpower, development effort, etc. Comb Financial aims to have the lowest fees in all of DeFi.

COMB directs revenue towards paying investors via the Revenue Sharing Vault (ie zCOMB and Podz). A very small percentage of certain revenue streams is also redirected towards team wallets for continued development and marketing. The fees and taxes imposed on different products are as follows.

Yield Optimizers

Yield Optimizer rewards are taxed at lower rates than competitors. Deposits and Withdrawals into the yield optimizers are not taxed.

Yield Optimizer User’s expected APY is calculated excluding a total 4.5% performance fees, of which 4.25% of the fees is redirected to zCOMB investors and 0.25% is allocated towards development.

Pool rewards are not taxed. Deposits and Withdrawals into the pools are not taxed.

Deposits and Withdrawals into the zCOMB, Podz, and Capsules are not taxed unless $COMB is transferred from a Hive.


7.5% of all sales are taxed and allocated towards development.

Fantom Validator Node

Neither Delegated nor Staked FTM is taxed by Comb Financial.

Staked FTM rewards are allocated to different opportunities in line with zCOMB governance votes.

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