Step 9: Swap FTM for COMB

Once you receive your FTM tokens in your Metamask wallet (on Fantom Opera Network), you are finally ready to swap FTM for COMB. In your website browser, go to Click Connect Wallet to connect the site to your wallet:

Then select Metamask on Connect Wallet choices:

Once you click Metamask on the previous screen, open your Metamask wallet and approve the connection by clicking Next as shown below:

Select FTM on the left/top (token to be swapped) and COMB on the right/bottom (token you are swapping into) Enter either the qty of COMB you want to receive, or the qty of FTM you want to exchange. Click the Swap Button then approve in MetaMask (NOTE: Leave a small amount of FTM in your wallet (1-2 FTM) to cover future fees)

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