Step 6: Bridge AVAX from Avalanche Network to Fantom Opera Network on Metamask

When you receive AVAX in your MetaMask Avalanche Network wallet, it will be on the Avalanche network because this is the ‘native’ network for AVAX. Bridging allows us to create ‘wrapped’ AVAX on the FTM network which means it can be recognised and used to swap tokens on the FTM network. To do this, we use a bridging website such as spookyswap. In your website browser, go to Click Connect Wallet to connect the site to your wallet:

Then select Metamask on Connect Wallet choices:

Once you click Metamask on the previous screen, open your Metamask wallet and approve the connection by clicking Next as shown below:

On the SpookySwap window, Input the bridge information as follows (show in screenshot below): • Select ‘Avalanche’ in the ‘From Chain’ and ‘Fantom’ in the ‘To Chain’. • Type or select AVAX as the Token to Bridge • Choose the amount of AVAX (usually choose the max allowed),

Once values are input, click Bridge token, and approve bridging in your wallet (on your Metamask screen).

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