Step 5: Buy AVAX on Exchange & Send to MetaMask wallet

This guide assumes you already know how to buy a token on an exchange. The most important thing to check BEFORE buying any AVAX on an exchange is to make sure it can be withdrawn using AVAX C-Chain network, not the Ethereum network (ERC-20) or you will pay excessive withdrawal (gas) fees. KuCoin is one exchange that offers withdrawals on the AVAX C-Chain and therefore is used in this example. Purchase enough $ worth of AVAX to convert to the required number of COMB you want to ultimately buy, plus a little to cover any fees (required for exchange withdrawal and bridging step 0.02 should be ample for KuCoin). Before you commence your withdrawal, you need to change your Metamask wallet to Avalanche exchange so that you will see your AVAX arrive once your withdrawal is complete. To do this, click the Fantom Opera box at the top of your Metamask screen:

Then click the Avalanche Network from the list of network options that show up (note: you may not have as many options as shown in this example but you WILL have Avalanche if you completed Step 1 of this guide correctly):

You should see that you have 0 Avax now in your wallet and the top line shows Avalanche Network. Click the address of your Metamask wallet to copy it to your clipboard (this is the address you will send your Avax to when you withdraw from the exchange):

Paste your Metamask address into the ‘Wallet Address’ section of the exchange withdrawal screen by clicking the Paste option. Make sure you select the Network setting as Avax C-Chain as shown below on a KuCoin withdrawal screen below. Select the Amount of Avax you want to withdraw, then proceed with withdrawal completing any authenticator steps that you exchange requires

Wait for your AVAX to appear in your wallet before continuing with the next step (can take 20-30 minutes depending on network conditions)

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