How does my locked COMBy, zCOMB, and my APR correlate?

The longer you lock your COMB up for, the greater the amount of zCOMB is allocated to you and the higher your APR. With a two year lock, you get the full APR. With a one year lock, you get half the stated APR.

What happens if I withdraw before the locking period ends?

You can’t withdraw before the locking period is over.

If I claim and lock 1 $COMB today, then claim and lock 1 $COMB again tomorrow, how much time is added to my locking period?

If your locking period is 2 weeks or under then 1 week is added to your locking period every time you claim extra COMB from your hives. If it is over 2 weeks it simply adds that value to your existing locking period with no extra time.

Where does the 10% zCOMB lock claim tax go?

50% gets liquidated for FTM while the other 50% gets distributed back into the rewards pool.

What are the taxes for COMB locking?

Claiming node rewards into zCOMB has a 10% flat rate tax for healthy hives, and 0% tax for withered hives.

How can I turn my NECT into zCOMB?

You need to have zCOMB already locked, then you will be given the option to lock your NECT into zCOMB with a 10% flat tax.

Can I increase my locking time?

Yes you can extend your lock duration in the dApp up to a maximum of two years for the full APR.

How do i calculate my share of zCOMB?

Your zCOMB divided by the total zCOMB locked is your share. COMB - zCOMB lock is calculated at a 1:1 value when locked for 2 years. So 2 weeks is valued at 1/52 zCOMB.

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