I just received my bribe in $NECT and I am new to Comb Financial. What do I do with it?

Congratulations, and welcome to Comb!

With $NECT, you can lock it in zCOMB for yield, and it will unlock in two weeks as $COMB, which you can sell. The yield you will receive for two weeks is 1/52 the APR shown on the zCOMB page. If you would like to join us at Comb Financial to enjoy passive income from our wide range of income streams, you may increase the zCOMB lock to a longer duration for higher APR. A two year lock grants you the maximum APR.

You can also put $NECT into a capsule, which is essentially an fNFT tradable form of zCOMB.

However, the limitation of these investment vehicles is that they need to be created with $COMB before $NECT can be deposited. Any amount of $COMB can be used to initiate a zCOMB lock, while capsules cost a minting fee of 1 FTM as at time of writing, and a minimum deposit of 1 COMB.

If you're running into difficulty with any of these steps, go ahead and ask in the discord! We pride ourselves in being a super helpful community.

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