What chain is COMB on?

Fantom Opera Network – FTM

Where can I buy COMB?

Spiritswap -

Is COMB a defi-as-a-service (DaaS) or a node-as-a-service (NaaS)?

COMB is a hybrid of both DaaS and NaaS, we incorporate NaaS services into DaaS in a sustainable hybrid-model.

Are Comb Nodes (Hives) real nodes?

Yes, these are real nodes. We are hosting and providing the infrastructure of real nodes to the people as compensation for their investment. These nodes are full nodes or ‘read only’. Read only nodes provide users the ability to connect to the blockchain via their unique RPC code.

This type of node provides no monetary value to the users but has other benefits such as quicker transaction speed and lower gas fees because only you and anyone you give your unique Comb RPC code to will utilize your pathway on the fantom chain!

When you have multiple endpoints, it will automatically generate you a universal endpoint. The difference between your single node endpoint and a universal endpoint is that your universal endpoint will utilize all your node endpoints to find the quickest path to complete the transaction on the Fantom network.

To learn more, read our medium article:

Are you listed on Coingecko or Coin market cap?

Yes we are listed on both.

What is Comb?

COMB is a token that is used to enter the COMB Financial ecosystem of projects built on top of the Fantom network.

We aim to further deploy more projects and protocols onto the Fantom network. At the moment we offer a range of farming and yield optimizing services, and share protocol revenue with investors who lock up their COMB in the zCOMB revenue sharing vault. We will continue creating value for our investors by creating new products, offering new services and expanding in innovative ways. Some of our medium term plans include creating NFT projects, games, and DAOs under COMB.

To understand a bit more about who we are, head over to our medium articles:

Why did you start Comb?

The main reason we decided to start COMB was to initially create a node based service, similar to STRONG. However, as we started growing we dived deeper into our understanding of the Fantom network and we realized and appreciated the advancements in technology that Fantom provided. Although the network is great, we learned as well that the ecosystem of projects was tiny. As of writing, there are only 66 validators whereas other networks are much more decentralized due to their numerous miners on the network. Furthermore, we decided that we wanted to be a foundation for an ecosystem of projects all based upon the Fantom network in order to uplift this network which we love and care about.

How does Comb generate revenue?

COMB generates revenue through our services offered, these include yield optimizers, farms, and staking in our FTM validator

Does COMB have a FTM validator node?

Yes -

What happens with the claim Tax?

50% of the claim tax is liquidated and 50% rewards pool.

When did the project launch?

December 19th, 2021.

What is the purpose of verifying our Comb products in discord #access-bot ?

Discord integration is a huge step in becoming a true dao, by having our discord linked with our hives we can guarantee all people holding roles are investors as well, so we don't have any "bad actors" swinging opinion or accessing confidential information when we have closed discussions.

How do I verify my nodes to earn unique discord roles and vote in upcoming Hive holder events?

1) Go to

2) Scroll to the top of the page & click the gear icon, then "Sync with Discord"

3) Click Authorize

4) Verify with Discord

5) Go to access-bot & type '!verify' you will then be assigned your role

Is there an audit? When will there be an audit?

  1. The Podz V1 contract has been audited by Solidity Finance and is accessible here:

  2. The BTC, ETC, and FTM Podz were release on V1. AVAX Podz were V2, and Capsules are a V3. The core components to each of the Podz and Capsules are identical, with minor differences to minting fees, COMB deposited to zCOMB, and deposited LP.

  3. The zCOMB revenue sharing vault was forked from XXX and the contract has been renounced (Evidence?)

  4. The Yield Optimizer contract was forked from XXX.

  5. There will be a complete audit after the team considers the additions to the contract capabilities to be finished. It is expensive and highly cost abortive for the team to do a comprehensive audit prior to that.

Why does RugDoc rate comb financial as high risk, and warn users not to interact with you?

RugDoc focuses on inspecting smart contract code in order to determine if backdoors are present for developers to steal funds after launching a project.

They also does not respect proxy contracts which makes it difficult for Comb to properly represent to the public. Rugdoc also doesn't do the due diligence of researching any deeper than the contract itself.

The specific risk that RugDoc looks for is the risk of the smart contract being used to steal funds from their investors.

Comb Financial is incorporated in a Washington LLC, with it's core members all being fully doxxed. This mitigates the specific risk which Rugdoc highlights on their website.

Is the contract going to be viewable or open source?

The contract will be private until the audit is complete.

What is the point of Comb Endpoints?

Step 1: The purpose behind the Comb Endpoints is to allow a different pathway to and from the FTM network. When the default pathway gets congested, you know your pathway is always open since only you and whoever you want to have access to it, have access.

Step 2: Universal endpoints. Universal endpoints are available for anyone who has multiple nodes. The universal endpoint will utalize all your end points generated by your nodes to find the fastest route to complete your transaction.

Step 3: US/EU selection. Allowing Combers to select US/EU on their end points this will further reduce latency, increase speed, reduce fees.

What is an OTC?

An OTC stands for Over The Counter. It's usually talking in terms of a deal made between two parties. In this case, a larger investor and Comb Financial. It allows the larger investor the ability to work directly with the team to provide each party with what they desire.

If a larger investor buys 100k worth of a token with small liquidity, price in our case would jump anywhere between 20-30%. Sounds good right? But imagine if it's reversed. After accumulating large amounts of rewards, they decide to sell. We could see a 20-30% decrease in price.

The purpose is to allow larger investors the ability to invest, without shaking up the price of COMB. In short terms, OTC deals provide stability to the price overall.

How does Comb conduct their OTC deals?

When a large investors comes to us and request to conduct an OTC deal, either selling or buying, we first have to discuss a few important details:

  1. Time - The time we want to lock in the market price for the deal to be conducted. This is important since we won't be utilizing the liquidity pool for the trade of assets.

  2. Date - The date the deal is to be conducted, which will always be within the boundaries of our agreements to ensure their isn't a large difference in the Time of market valued agreed, and the trade of assets conducted.

  3. Agreement - An agreement is conducted between investor and Comb that states if the Time of market value exceeds 5% more or less than the agree upon Time, the Time of market value will be changed to prevent buying/selling at a large discount.

What are the node rewards?

What is Comb's Hive Emission Rate?

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