Capsules FAQ

What do Capsules pay out in?

  • Capsules pay out in $COMB

How much does it take to purchase a Capsule?

  • Capsules have a 1 FTM minting fee, with a MRSP of 10 FTM. The price of minting a capsule is expected to rise towards 10 FTM in the future.

  • Capsules also require a minimum of 1 COMB to be created.

Where does my $COMB go once a Capsule is created?

  • All of the $COMB is locked into zCOMB in order to generate rewards for you.

What is the Claim, Feed, Compound and Health Bar functions on my Capsule?

  • “Claim” — Like the name, sending a claim transaction is as it sounds: claiming your rewards from the Capsule. The distribution of rewards occurs daily and will show on your Capsule when it has received rewards.

  • “Feed” — To maintain these daily rewards, you will have to feed your Capsule to hold your position in COMB. Maintaining good health is essential to maximizing your wealth and daily rewards. This does not require any additional cost. You should feed your Capsule in order to sustain it's APR at a rate you are happy with.

  • “Compound” — This is a combined "Claim" and "Feed" action, which will redeposit all rewards back into the Capsule for continual maximum rewards.

  • “Health Bar” — The health bar represents your position within COMB. Given that you maintain a steady and healthy Capsule, the Capsule will maintain a stable and maximized daily rewards rate. The health, and also Capsule APR will decrease linearly over to years.

Do I have to add $COMB from my wallet to feed my Capsule?

No the $COMB used for feeding Capsules is farmed on the back-end through liquidity mining.

What happens if my Capsule health goes to 0%?

If a Capsule's health goes to 0%, the Capsule does not die. It will still be mining for rewards but will not generate as many rewards as a healthy Capsule. At 0% health, you will be able to extract all $COMB as well as any deposited LP from the Capsule.

What is a Capsule?

Capsules by definition, are fNFTs. Taking the existing concept of noding, we merge the convenience of passive income and zCOMB technology. Capsules are our take on innovating the “typical” Node.

How are Capsules sustainable?

Capsules are backed by a complex system of revenue-generating services streaming all back into each Capsule. Powered by zCOMB technology, it adapts the infrastructure to create a passive income stream without the complexity.

Capsules do not rely on Ponzinomics but instead realizes its rewards through the zCOMB infrastructure.

What is the Capsule APR?

Expected 40% - 200%. The APR is dynamic and subject to change according to the amount of COMB locked and the LP in the pools.

What is the max amount of Capsules per wallet?

There is no maximum number of Capsules per wallet.

What is the maximum number of Capsules allowed to be created?

Capsules are expected to be a perpetual product.

How do I refresh my Capsule?

You refresh a capsule by clicking the "Refresh" button. This will automatically extend the zCOMB lock on the capsule to maximise APR.

When do Capsules pay out?

Your first rewards will be distributed at the end of the next zCOMB epoch, then at the end of each epoch after that. Rewards are distributed daily.

Is there a claim tax?

There is a small 10% claim tax.

Is there a way I can speed up the ‘expiration’ of my Capsule?

There is no way to speed up the expiration of a Capsule.

Can I create a Capsule with zCOMB rewards or just $COMB?

You can only create a Capsule with COMB. However, after creating the Capsule, you can zap your zCOMB rewards into $COMB to be added to the capsule, or even add $NECT into it .

Do I still get the boost (up to 2.5x) when collecting $COMB from my Withered Hives and putting them into a Capsule?

Yes. When you claim, you will have the option to go straight into the capsule and it will base the multiplier on how long your capsule has left I.e 2.5x is 2 years left on the capsule before it expires.

What currency do I earn from Capsules?


How does a Capsule work?

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