Bear Market FAQs

Why has the price of $COMB gone down so much?

$COMB is primarily traded on Spiritswap, where it is paired in liquidity with $FTM. If the price of $FTM per USD doubles or halves, the price of $COMB per USD would double or halve respectively as well, even with no transactions done between COMB and FTM.

Since the start of the year will time of writing (end June 2022), FTM has decreased in price to about 8.5% of it's high in January 2022.

With a Developer as it's founder, and a core team that at time of writing takes absolutely no salary, Comb Financial has no limit on it's runway. The team is consistently innovating to bring useful products to investors who are looking for a safe and straightforward way to participate in DeFi.

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