Utopia Homepage

Welcome to the home of Utopia!

Access quick links to each component of Utopia, your Portfolio Balance, your customized watch-list and the latest COMB News and COMBLearn Articles.

Let’s get into it:

Access interactive tutorials to the key components of Utopia at a single click.

‘Aquiring Funds’ - will link you straight to the Utopia token trade screen, giving you access to an extensive guide on purchasing Utopia Tokens.

‘ Purchasing your First Utopia Token’ - will take you through an interactive guide explaining the trade dashboard.

‘Invite Friends’ - Start your Alliance! This will take you to your very own Alliance screen with your custom alliance link and button to your personalised affiliate dashboard.

Portfolio and Watchlist

Enjoy an overview of your total portfolio balance, with a quick-link to your personalised portfolio dashboard and monitor your customisable watchlist to always be up-to-date with your assets.


Never miss out! All COMB related news and the latest COMBLearn articles will be easily displayed under ‘News’ on the Utopia Homepage.

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