Trade Dashboard

Welcome to Utopia’s Trading Dashboard!

Utopia’s trade dashboard was created with one thing in mind. The User. Through the dashboard you’ll have a complete overview of all data associated with your vaults accompanied by user-friendly functionalities and easy to understand visual graphs representing each vault.

So let’s break down each component:

Historical Graph Overview

Each vault has its own visual representation of historical worth, this let’s you view the effects of Impermanent Loss, Compounding and Price Action at a glance! Customizable by selecting to see the token at 1 full token down to 0.0001 token.

Vault Overview

View the vault's EAT (Estimated Annual Target), Vault popularity, Vault assets and Vault Categories quickly through its simplified overview, with the ‘Expert Mode’ diving deeper into those who want all the ins and outs! We created the EAT (Estimated Annual Target) to simplify APY’s for our users, rather than the user having to calculate the projections for each manually, we do it for you, giving you an easy to understand projection of the annual target for the vault token.

Vault Overview Expert Mode

For those that want the ins and outs of each vault, look no further. View the vault’s APR’s, TVL, and more.

Buy and Sell

One token in, One token out. We wanted simplicity! Hence the creation of an easy to use, and easy to understand trade system that allows for stable coins and primary network tokens to be traded for Utopia Tokens. Simply purchase the corresponding Utopia Token for the vault you want to enter and you’re done! Happy Compounding!

Affiliate System

Want to become an Affiliate? Each user has a customized Affiliate Link that they can share with new users joining Utopia. Each wallet is only allowed to be connected to 1 affiliate link and cannot change which affiliate they’re linked to. Through the affiliate system you’ll earn a % of the Harvest Fee’s of the users using your link.

Want to see the platform's top trending tokens at a glance? Look no further… The trending tokens will show the Top 3 Utopia Vaults measured by TVL and popularity. If you want to see more, click ‘Explore More’ and check out the Vault Explorer page.

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