Alliance System

Welcome to Utopia’s Affiliate System!

The Utopia alliance system was built to give back to those that share our platform with their community and friends.

After several discussions, it was clear that adoption was one of the few aspects we wanted to encourage when developing Utopia. We believe that giving back would establish trust and show our dedication towards the community.

How does the affiliate system work?

Every user on the platform is given a custom alliance link on their Trading Page/Invite Page that they can share with others. Investments under this link will be registered under the alliance, where a percentage of appreciation fees will go back to the alliance leader.

Alliance are rewarded in Utopia tokens and fees are distributed every three days. This can be tracked on the Referral Page.

Each user is only allowed to be part of one alliance. Once you have entered into the alliance, the account will be linked to that alliance until it is changed.

Earning in Utopia tokens Leveraging the power of Utopia, all unclaimed referral fees will appreciate in value. This will allow affiliates to skip the step of reinvesting into the platform, and even earn referral fees that compound in value over time.

How To Earn As An Alliance Leader

As an Individual

If you are happy with your investments, you can refer your friends and community to Utopia with your link.

If you are an existing user of auto compounders, or have your assets generating yield in a pool or farm, you can appreciate how hard it is wrapping your head around the concept Liquidity Provision, and also how confusing it is for a DeFi Novice to create LP and then make sure it's deposited in the right place to generate the yield you're looking for. Utopia makes it easy for a DeFi Novice to understand and execute, by displaying the historical value of the Utopia Token, showing the future projection, and putting the process into one easy trade.

As An Influencer

Earning from your investments, and content created, is important for your livelihood. And for hours of research, you should be fairly compensated. Utopia allows you to share the investments you believe in with your audience, and earn a fair commission for doing so. We pay half of all Utopia compounding fees as affiliate commissions.

As A Protocol

Your priorities include token price stabilization, and investor sentiment. Achieve both by reaching out to us to set up a Utopia Token for your Liquidity Pair. Direct your community to Utopia with your referral link and receive additional income for your protocol, while your investors enjoy the highest possible yields on your LP. For protocols that would like to utilize our Utopia system to its fullest there are 2 revenue streams available for 0 extra cost to them.

1: Generating passive revenue through auto-compounding their LP which will increase the liquidity value and strengthen the pool.

2: Earn through our Alliance program by sharing the protocol’s alliance link.

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